Founding President Dr. Aubrey Tauer has been featured in Nautilus’, an online science magazine, #SparkofScience series exploring what motivated scientists to get into science. Check it out at Knowing since about the age of 4 that she wanted to be a scientist is quite true, later being torn between ecology/animal behavior and veterinary medicine before deciding to just do both! Seeing Jurassic Park as a 9 year old only cemented her interest. While continuing to have an interest in primates, Dr. Tauer is loving indulging her life long interest in marine animals and science by working with sea turtles with Cūra Earth, while developing other research projects looking at transmission of diseases between wildlife, humans, and domestic animals (see previous blog on our new tick and flea project!). Head on over and check out the science magazine, which has some really great features, and tweet about your own #SparkofScience!