Happy New Year from Cūra Earth

We here at Cūra Earth are thankful for what we have accomplished in 2016 and looking forward with anticipation for 2017. We had a big year in 2016, going over our goal for crowdfunding money to start research into sea turtle microbiomes, an integral part of their physiology that has not been well studied. We [...]

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Update on our #TurtleTracts Fundraiser

We are excited to have funded the first year of our #TurtleTracts fundraiser to save sea turtles by studying their microbiome (check out our post here for more information on the study and here to visit the Indiegogo page) but we are pushing on through the last 11 days of our fundraiser with the goal of raising [...]

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TurtleTracts Indiegogo Fundraiser

We are very excited to report that we are almost at our goal for year one of our TurtleTracts sea turtle microbiome study! We hope to raise more than our minimum goal though so we can fund multiple years of research. Check out our post here to learn more about the study, and here to visit our [...]

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Sneak Peak at our Sea Turtle Microbiome Initiative

Sea turtles are fascinating animals. They have a complex life history, from the time they hatch until they reach sexual maturity they may live in several types of habitats, change their diet, and migrate long distances. Hawksbill sea turtles are listed as critically endangered by the IUCN (an international governing body related to nature) and [...]

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New grant to study ticks and fleas in Central America!

Engorged tick pulled off a cat right in Minnesota! We are really excited to announce that Dr. Aubrey Tauer, co-founder, has received a grant from the PSC-CUNY Research Foundation along with Dr. Sultan Jenkins at CUNY LaGuardia Community College to initiate research into the microbiome of fleas and ticks in Central America, as [...]

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Buenos Dias From El Salvador!

Cūra Earth is excited to report that we are currently in El Salvador working on our first season with sea turtles! This research has two sites, one here on the beautiful island of San Sebastian with the nonprofit ICAPO ( and another in Reserva Padre Ramos, Nicaragua, with Fauna and Flora International-Nicaragua. We were excited [...]

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Sea Turtle Health in Nicaragua

Recently I spent two months in Nicaragua visiting the field sites where we will shortly be starting our research programs. I spent quite a big of time visiting sea turtle nesting beaches, hatcheries, and meeting with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that perform sea turtle conservation work in Nicaragua. While sea turtles are not our only focus, [...]

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Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to Cūra Earth. You may be wondering what our organization is about and why we work in so many areas (human and animal health, wildlife and environmental conservation, international development, and education). The short answer is that to make a difference in any on of these areas, equal attention needs to be paid to [...]

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