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A history lesson

Cūra is not a word we come across everyday. However it has special meaning to the mission of this organization. Cūra is Latin, originally from the Proto-Indo-European “koys-“ (to care for, cure). The Latin form is the root of the modern day word for cure. Cūra‘s definition includes care,concern, solicitude, healing, and guardianship- all of which this organization’s mission is about in reference to the Earth and the life on it.



There is an ancient Roman fable about a goddess named Cura:

“In crossing a river, Cura gathered clay and, engrossed in thought, began to mold it. When she was thinking about what she had already made, Jove arrived on the scene. Cura asked him to grant it spiritus, “breath” or “spirit.” He grants her request readily, but when she also asked to give her creation her own name, he forbade it, insisting that it had to carry his name. While the two were arguing, Tellus (Earth) arose and wanted it to have her name because she had made her body available for it.

The judgment is finally rendered by Saturn. He determines that since the spiritus was granted by Jove, he should have it in death; Tellus, or Earth, would receive the body she had given; because Cura, or Care, had been the creator, she would keep her creation as long as it lived. To resolve the debate, homo, “human being,” would be the name, because it was made from humus, earth.” *

*Available under Creative Commons license