Lake Nicaragua, Isla de Ometepe, ecotourism, ecosystem health, conservationMission Statement:

Cūra Earth combines science, social action, and creativity to achieve sustainable health of people, animals, and ecosystems.


Co-founders Dr. Aubrey Tauer and Dr. Melissa Raguet-Schofield met in 2003 during a field primatology course in Nicaragua. Dr. Raguet-Schofield went on to do her dissertation in physical anthropology in Nicaragua, while Dr. Tauer became a wildlife and public health veterinarian. Both scientists fell in love with the country, and wanted to do more to help the people, wildlife, and domestic animals. In June of 2011 we decided to co-found Cūra Earth to apply the principles of ecohealth (also referred to as conservation medicine) to find solutions to the many problems developing nations face. As this organization grows, we hope to expand programs to other countries and even parts of the United States that could benefit from the science, social action, and creative methods of outreach we conduct.