Cūra Earth aims to advance health by uniting ecology and the biomedical sciences. The organization’s work integrates the fields of human and veterinary medicine, anthropology, ecology, earth sciences, and ecosystem management.

As an organization working at the intersection of environmental health, human health, and animal health, Cūra Earth will:

  • Focus on neglected diseases and neglected populations
  • Develop novel programs for solving public health problems, including the use of new technology
  • Provide training and medical services to impacted populations of people, domestic animals, and wildlife
  • Research anthropogenic change and the drivers of emerging diseases of humans and animals in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine ecosystems
  • Assess risks related to habitat degradation, trade of wildlife and plants, and climate change
  • Conserve wildlife and wild lands
  • Provide outreach using both traditional methods as well as new media, art, and social networking


Scope: Cūra Earth is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing comprehensive international research, conservation, and public health programs. Because many of the issues and diseases we work with do not respect human created boundaries, as we grow many of our programs will span multiple countries and even continents. Our focus is on endangered habitats and threatened species, and indigenous or disenfranchised human populations.

Cūra Earth is one of the few organizations working in the emerging fields of One Health and EcoHealth. These fields seek to forge collaborations amongst different healthcare professionals and ecological scientists, as well as perform research on how change in the earth’s environment affects human health.